Buffering FAQS

There are many reasons you may be having buffering problems, but hopefully the following steps will help limit the buffering for you.

First Step

The first thing you should always do if you have any issues is clear the app and storage cache. This can be done through your device settings. Then log out and back in.

You should also unplug your device, modem and router, waiting approx. 5 minutes before plugging them back in. Plug in modem 1st, wait until all the lights are as they should be. Next plug in router and let it cycle through and boot up then plug in device.

If the above solutions don't work, continue on...

Your internet connection

Many people say “but I have xx Mbps, it shouldn’t buffer”. What you pay for and what you get can sometimes be two different things. The best thing to do is run a speed test on your device your streaming from. Netflix offers a universal speed test at https://fast.com/. We recommend a minimum of 25 mbs and the connection needs to remain steady, with little fluctuation.

Number of devices

The more devices using the same network as you the less speed you will have. If they are also streaming or downloading this will decrease the speed and share of the network you have. If you are going to stream, try and do it at a time when other devices are either off or not using much bandwidth.

Being on a wireless network can also sometimes cause lesser speeds. Try checking the speed with a device that is connected via Ethernet cable too see if wireless gives different results. If it does, you may need to hook up a wired connection rather than use wireless.

Improve Wi-Fi performance

If speed tests appear to be a lot less than what you are paying for and

+ there is no significant difference between wired and wireless devices

+ there is little chance of other devices affecting the speed

It may be that the signal strength of your Wi-Fi router isn’t the best. There are a few things you can try to help with this:

+ Make sure your router is not positioned near walls, metal objects or other objects that can interfere with Wi-Fi (like microwaves, Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, wireless door chimes and even baby monitors!)

+ For streaming, try and be in the same room as the router

+ If your router allows it, and most do, change to a different channel, as other Wi-Fi signals from homes near yours may all be using the same channel as you.

+ Again if your router allows it you can change your DNS to a guild can be found at..... https://developers.cloudflare.com/

Provider Throttling and Routing

What could also cause buffering is if your ISP throttles speeds to streaming sites. This is one way of them trying to prevent users from being able to stream from these sites, by slowing your speed down so much that you give up. One way to check if this is happening is to download a free VPN app, turn it on, and try streaming again. If there is less buffering, chances are that your ISP is throttling speeds on streaming, and the only options to get around it would be to invest in a good VPN or change providers.

Outdated Router

If all else fails to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal it may be that your router is older. In that case you may need to purchase a new router.

While sometimes, yes, we providers do have some issues or server problems, more often than not buffering issues are on the user end due to one of the above situations.

So hopefully everyone will read and use these tips to solve the buffering problems.



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